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DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun - Things To Do In Tucson!

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is a must see on a trip to Tucson. This is an attraction about 20 minutes drive beyond downtown Tucson.

When searching Things To Do In Tucson, make sure to include a drive up to the northern foothills where you will find DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, DeGrazia built his home, art studio and gallery on ten acres. He began construction in 1951. The structures are largely mud adobe territorial style buildings with exposed straw in the mud adobe walls and unique dried cacti vegetation exposed in the building materials as well.

Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia was born in Arizona and lived from 1909 to 1982. He gained real fame for his unique art. The gallery features six permanent collections plus rotating exhibits of the more than 15,000 pieces of art in the collection.

Subjects of DeGrazia's art include Native Americans, Southwestern scenes, stories from Spanish Colonial times depicted in art, plus religious and spiritual art and more. Art forms include DeGrazia's oil paintings, watercolor paintings, ceramics, pottery, sculptures, murals, and so much more.

The gallery experience includes a biographical film on Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia documenting his travels to uncover subjects for his art, his love of whiskey, friendship and adoration of Native Americans, philosophy on life, religion and spirituality and so much more! He gained true fame from his art and is a fascinating individual. A truly unique Tucsonan!

Visit for operating hours, admission prices and more details. While in Tucson also book a Strolls and Stories Tours Guided Walking Tour of the Historic Downtown Tucson neighborhoods to learn the rich history of Tucson!

When searching Things To Do In Tucson, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is a must do for a unique Tucson experience!

Things To Do In Tucson DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun
DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun


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