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We are pleased to offer this package of Audio Video Tours (See Videos This Page) of attractions in the South Tucson & West Tucson!  When you purchase this package, you will gain 10 days access to these narrated videos which include historic stories and fascinating tales related to the attraction, my "interesting tidbits" plus info on the attraction.  These historic stories are narrated over multiple still photos of the attractions and are put together as a video. To uncover my "interesting tidbits" and historical stories, I spent many hours researching the history of these attractions at the Arizona Historical Society & in other historical records.


Each video includes a link to the address in Google Maps allowing you to easily map yourself to the attraction, and many include links to websites with additional information.  Important: On the mobile version these links show below the video when it is not in full screen mode.  In full screen mode, the links do not show.  On the laptop version the links do show at the bottom of the video when in full screen mode.  These video tours are not activated by GPS.   

While many of these attractions are free to visit, some do require admission.  Please note, admission is NOT included with purchase of these historical story tour videos.  While you can go inside many of these attractions, some are private homes or offices with historic architecture and historic stories that can be enjoyed from the outside along the sidewalk.  

I also offer Guided Walking Tours in person of the Historic Downtown Tucson neighborhoods and have additional packages of audio video tours.  I love to uncover the fascinating tales of unique destinations!   To purchase, please click the subscribe button.  

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