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Downtown Tucson Walking Tour - The Crested Top Saguaro

Join me on a guided Strolls and Stories Tours, Downtown Tucson Walking Tour to see the rare Crested Top Saguaro! We have three walking routes that are Tucson Walking Tours for you to choose from.

The Crested Top Saguaro is scientifically called the Cristate Saguaro, and is caused by a cell mutation when the cells of the cactus start to grow in an outward way instead of a circular way, thus forming a fan shaped top!

It is a rare site to see out hiking as only about one in 200,000 saguaro develop the crested top. It isn't known for sure what causes the cell mutation, however a widely held theory is that frost might trigger the cell mutation that forms the crested top. That said, most saguaro encounter frost a few times a year, so why it triggers the crested top in the rare cactus is unknown. More scientific research is needed to fully understand the phenomenon.

Join me on a Downtown Tucson Walking Tour by Strolls and Stories Tours...we have three walking routes, and each includes the cactus garden at the Historic Pima County Courthouse where we see the crested top Saguaro, plus examples of other Sonoran Desert Plant Life! We chat about how old the majestic saguaro cactus is when it grows its first arm, see an example of the Arizona Organ Pipe Cactus, learn when our cacti bloom and fruit, plus hear how the Barrel Cactus might be a life saver when out hiking! Join me for a Tucson Walking Tour today for all of this and so much more!

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