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Mid Century Architecture Tucson - Tucson History Tour

This mid century building in Downtown Tucson has a storied history! Built in 1966 as the Tucson Federal Savings Bank, it was designed by Tucson architecture firm Place and Place. This building features a distinctive mid century architectural style! At 20 stories tall, it was the tallest building in Tucson at the time!

The black metal grate at the top was originally a light-up sign that flashed "Tucson" then the current Time & Temperature...remember, there were no cell phones at the time to easily access this info!

Built for energy efficiency, the north side is entirely finished in a mid century blue brick. The other three sides are finished with windows offering panoramic mountain and city views. The west facing side features a distinctive mid century design with a gold/brass colored sunscreen which shades the offices from our harsh desert afternoon sun.

The top two floors were occupied by the exclusive Old Pueblo Club. It's membership was made up of Tucson's top business men! The space featured a fine dining restaurant and bar with panoramic city and mountain views! There was a billiards room, card playing room, men's only bar, library, steam room and sauna and so much more! It was the place to be seen and where business deals were negotiated!

The first floor was originally a bank. Higher floors were occupied with bank accounting offices...other tenants filled out the building. The fourth floor featured a non-denominational chapel. At Christmas, select north facing windows were outlined in lights to form the shape of a Christmas Tree!

When this building opened in 1966, it was in the heart of Tucson's thriving shopping scene! Across the street sat Steinfeld's Department Store with its unique schooner neon sign atop the building. A half block away sat Jacome's Department Store with its international clientele plus the swanky Pioneer Hotel with it's rooftop garden, fine dining restaurant and Bombay Bar. The grand ole days of Downtown Tucson! Tucson History is rich with unique stories!

Today this building is the Pima County Legal Services Building. Book a Strolls and Stories Tour to learn more about Tucson Architecture, Tucson's Downtown Department Stores and Tucson's History and take one our Tucson Guided Walking Tours which are really a Tucson History Tour and Tucson Architecture Tour! Book a Tucson Tour today at

Tucson Mid Century Architecture
Mid Century Architecture Tucson


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