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Tucson Walking Tour - Things To Do In Tucson

What better way to get to know a destination than by taking a guided walking tour! Strolls and Stories Tours offered guided Tucson Walking Tours of Historic Downtown Tucson, plus the Barrio Viejo and El Presidio Neighborhoods.

On our guided Tucson Walking Tour, get to know the Barrio Viejo with it's unique mud adobe Sonoran Row Houses! We see Sonoran Row Houses that have been beautifully resorted with bright colored exteriors, vintage state Sonoran Row Houses, plus a few in a state of ruin where we can really see the construction methods that were used! On our Tucson Walking Tours, we stroll past the original Sonoran Row Houses with flat roof and water canals dating to 1840, the Transformed Sonoran Row House with pitched roof dating to 1863 and the Territorial Style Sonoran Row House with front porch dating to 1880.

In the El Presidio Historic District neighborhood, we stroll past the historic mansions of our Pioneer Founders and hear the fascinating and sometimes complicated and sordid tales of these individuals. On our Tucson Walking Tours we stroll past the rebuilt Presidio Walls in the El Presidio Neighborhood learning of Tucson's founding as a walled Spanish Colonial Presidio dating to 1775! Plus, guests of our Tucson Walking Tours learn how many national flags have flown over Tucson...the number might surprise you! Further, we strolls past three beautiful mansions on our Tucson Walking Tour in the El Presidio designed by the famous architect Henry Trost. The stories that go with these mansions are a real hoot!

We traverse the west side of Downtown Tucson on our Tucson Walking Tours visiting the Historic Pima County Courthouse with it's beautiful dome dating back to 1929. We visit the Dillinger Courtroom where the Dillinger Gang was arraigned in 1934 when captured in Tucson. We stroll through charming plazas discussing sculpted and mural art plus beautiful fountains!

On our guided Tucson Walking Tour we also visit the historic Band Stand Gazebo recalling our days as part of Mexico with several fascinating historic tales to share and we stroll down Scott Avenue with several beautiful historic structures including a mansion home, historic theater and a temple designed by Henry Trost.

In addition to a Tucson Walking Tour by Strolls and Stories Tours, I would suggest visitors to Tucson take in DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun to see DeGrazia's beautiful art work, a visit to Saguaro National Park in Tucson and a drive up Catalina Highway to the top of Mount Lemon! Pluse take in our food scene - Tucson is one of only two UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy in the United States!

A visit to Tucson is memorable and spectacular. I hope to see you on a Tucson Walking Tour by Strolls and Stories Tours!


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