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This El Presidio Tucson Owls Club Mansion Has All Kinds of Owl Connections!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

This mansion in the historic El Presidio neighborhood of Tucson known as the Owls Club, has all kinds of owl connections! Everything from night owls to endangered owls! This story is a real hoot! Book a Strolls and Stories Tour to learn about the history of this mansion home, it's architect, Henry C. Trost and so much more! We will stroll down the charming streets of the historic El Presidio, also known as Snob Hollow, to learn the stories of some of Tucson's most prominent residents and city founders! Ohhh if the walls could talk in these historic homes! Learn the interesting tales of the El Presidio on a tour with Strolls and Stories Tours!

The Historic Owls Club Mansion Tucson designed by Henry Trost in the El Presidio neighborhood also known as Snob Hollow
Historic Owls Club Mansion Tucson by Henry Trost

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