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Historic El Presidio Neighborhood Tucson

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Two of our Strolls and Stories Tours stroll the sidewalks of the charming and historic El Presidio neighborhood Tucson. We will explore the mansions of Snob Hollow and hear the fascinating tales of Tucson's Pioneer Founders & Prominent Citizens.

Hear how one of Tucson's leading women was saved from a bullet to the head by a large metal Spanish comb in her hair...another of our Founding Pioneers had a son who was one of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and yet another mansion was a home full of night owl bachelors that hosted lavish parties!

We walk past several historic Mission Revival styled homes designed by Henry Trost and stroll past Sonoran Row Houses with bright colored doors. Plus, guests will see where the original walls of the Tucson Spanish Colonial Presidio were located and learn how many national flags have flown above Tucson! Join us on a Strolls and Stories Tour to chat about all of this and so much more!

Historic El Presidio Neighborhood Tucson also called Snob Hollow
Historic El Presidio Neighborhood Tucson

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