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Fox Theater Tucson - Southwest Art Deco Architectural Design

The Fox Theater Tucson features a unique historic Southwest Art Deco Architectural Design! On our Strolls and Stories Tours we stroll past the exterior of this theater and I share photos and stories about the Tucson Fox Theater!

Constructed and opened in 1930, this theater opened as the top movie palace in Tucson! It featured an air cooled system and at that time many Tucsonan's hadn't experienced cooled air! Taking in a movie at the Fox Theater was a magical experience!

In the mid 1970s Downtown Tucson fell on hard times and the theater closed, sitting vacant for 25 years. During this time, a homeless camp took up residency in the theater, in fact two births can be attributed to taking place in the theater during this period. Further, a hole developed in the ceiling and rain would pour in, plus a large pigeon colony called the theater home. In the late 1990s the Tucson Fox Theater was slated for demolition.

Luckily a preservation group banded together and purchased the theater and embarked on a multi-million dollar renovation project that would save Tucson's Fox Theater and return it to it's previous architectural glory!

The Tucson Fox Theater features a unique Southwest Art Deco design. The homeless camp was quite respectful of the theater and many of the original design elements were saved and restored. The ceiling was repaired and repainted to it's original design as seen in photos. The original ceiling lights and chandeliers were saved, repaired and restored and shine bright today! The original seat upholstery design was recreated and the seats were refinished with the original character! The original artwork throughout the theater was restored and the original art deco stairway railing was preserved!

The marquee on the exterior front of the Tucson Fox Theater was removed at some point during the closure. The existing marquee was replicated to look exactly as the original did and shines bright today as a beacon in Downtown Tucson!

Join me on our Strolls and Stories Tours Guided Walking Tour of historic Downtown Tucson and the surrounding neighborhoods. Each of our tours passes by the exterior of the Fox Theater where we discuss the Southwest Art Deco design elements of the theater, we chat about the history of the theater. I share several stories and tales of Tucson's Fox Theater, plus I have photos of the theater for tour participants to look at.



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