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Join me for an Urban Hike on a Tucson Tour!

One of the top attractions in Tucson are the great hiking trails in the four mountain ranges that surround town...where tourists and locals can hike past majestic Saguaro Cacti into mountain canyons with flowing waterfalls!

I am Scott your Tour Guide...I hope you will join me on a Strolls and Stories Tour for an Urban Hike as we traverse the charming sidewalks of our historic neighborhoods in the El Presidio, Barrio Viejo and Downtown Tucson! I will share a selection of historic photos with you as we chat about the tales of our Pioneer Founders, Mid Century Entrepreneurs, Downtown Department Store Tycoons...learn of luxury historic hotels and unique theaters. I hope you will join me on one of our tours offered weekly on Fridays and Saturdays!

Jone Scott, your Tour Guide for an Urban Hike Tucson Tour by booking one of our Strolls and Stories Tours!   We hike the sidewalks of Downtown Tucson, El Presidio Tucson and Barrio Viejo Tucson!
Urban Hike Tucson Tour with Tour Guide Scott of Strolls and Stories Tours

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